Barbora Sedláková

About Me

21 years old college student, passionate about the technology and electronics. Currently I doodle with interconnection of the sensors into a small network. Other than that I am also an application administrator for the automation applications and as a hobby I administrate the TeamSpeak Server.

The Hackman Club

A blog and a beginning of a small community about tech and electronics. It has some social media connected instagram, twitter and facebook.

TeamSpeak 3 Servers

One of my hobbies is working with the TeamSpeak servers. I even host a few of my own. My most favourite one and so far the one I am proudest at is The Secret Garden. You can find out more about it when you go on it's official website or email me at


I also like to occasionally play games. I favour the shooters but sometimes when the mood is right i play MMORPG's as well. You can find me on various gaming platform under my nickname - Bashynx.

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